I believe I am Super Human,
I believe you can be too.

I have studied with Masters and Gurus from all over the work.

Starting in Martial arts at age 16. At the age of 21, I started learning about hypnosis, psychology and magic of the mind as a way to develop my training. Together with my extensive knowledge of body mechanics, I am able to perform astounding feats of strength and control, using my mind, my body or both, not only talking about a Super Human Lifestyle, living one as well.

When I’m not developing my own abilities, I spend my time helping individuals and companies to realise their full potential. These days, my principal focus is teaching, speaking and training. However, people learn best when they are entertained, not bored. I spent many years entertaining audiences both large and small at corporate events, night clubs, comedy clubs, weddings and parties — even out on the street! I believe my extensive experience as an entertainer is of immense benefit in my current work. Nobody learns anything when they’re bored! My main theme is, ‘Limitation Is A Mirage’. I show individuals and companies how to get past self-limiting beliefs and practices, and start the real process of turning dreams, goals, ambitions and targets into reality. I’m also known as ‘The Prove-It Guy’. I think audiences, especially in the corporate sphere, have had enough of words that sound good but don’t connect with the practical concerns of running a successful business. Every principle I teach, I can demonstrate. Everything I demonstrate, I can teach.

Join me and start your Super Human journey today.

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