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Create A Life By Design



Who chose your life?

Who decided what kind of life you’re living right now?

And are you entirely happy with it?



Chances are, your life involves limits and constraints you’d prefer not to have.

You didn’t choose them, you don’t want them, yet you put up with them every day.


This course is about challenging yourself.
Take your life in your hands, learn about yourself: your dreams, your goals and the amazing emotional strength you don’t even realise you have.

Prove to yourself, to your friends, to the world that you can create the life you want.
Discover that Limitation Is A Mirage and you do not have to settle for less than what you want.

It’s the best opportunity you’ll ever have to break free from the chains of negativity and limitation that are holding you back. The course consists of a series of 12 lessons you can listen to in your own time and at your own pace.

These videos are easy to follow, easy to understand yet incredibly powerful.
You might think you lack self-confidence, at least in some areas of your life.
I hear this a lot from my students.
Here’s the surprising truth: you have all the confidence you’ll ever need or want.
You have just never been shown how to recognise it, use it and enjoy it.
I will show you how.

What else? When I first tried learning how to meditate, I failed pretty badly.

I didn’t really want to meditate because it seemed pointless and I didn’t understand the benefits. I will show you why you should meditate and also teach you how — so you don’t make the same mistakes I did.
This will help you to maintain focus, stay motivated, stay alert and feel sharper.


Your life is your relationships. From family, friends and partners to everyone you ever work with or deal with professionally, it’s all about relationships.
Good ones are great and take you forward. Bad ones are trouble and hold you back.

I will show you how to find what matters to you in every relationship and how to master the art of rapid rapport.

You will learn how to distinguish between positive and negative influences in your life and how to use this knowledge — making life better for you and for everyone else.


Life never stands still. There is always change of one kind or another and you can’t do anything about that. What you can do is take control.

I will show you how to make the changes you want, not just face the changes forced on you. Instead of fearing change or running scared, I will show you how to embrace the power of positive change and run your life along the tracks you choose.

I will also show you the power of creating a positive environment for your life and what you want to achieve. You will learn how to stop feeling overwhelmed by life, time, stress and limitations. Instead, you will see how to create a happy environment that will help you to be productive, relaxed and successful.


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