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Gentle Gi Gong Breathing Exercise


Gentle exercise combining deep breathing to develop a strong, focused body and mind.



This video teaches you 14 gentle yet powerful exercises to achieve a harmonious, balanced relationship between mind and body. The exercises, partially derived from Tai Chi, open the meridians within your body, increasing blood flow and promoting inner health.

Among other benefits, these exercises teach you deep breathing techniques that give you greater  control over your emotions and responses, for example how you respond to pressure or stressful situations.

Every move is described in great detail for effective learning. If you have time, you can enjoy the complete video from start to finish, trying out every move. If you’re short on time, just choose one or two of the moves to practice. You can perform the movements either standing or seated, as you prefer.

Visualise your body getting stronger with each exercise. Learn how to “switch off” your mind and achieve a deep and enduring sense of relaxation and healing, both physically and mentally.

The author of this video, Liam O’Neill (The ‘Prove It’ Guy), has studied martial arts for over twenty years and body mechanics and kinesiology for over twelve years. This exciting new video is a distillation of many skills and techniques that Liam has learned and taught during these years. It will be of benefit to anyone — young or old — seeking a greater sense of health, inner healing, well-being, relaxation and emotional tranquillity.


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